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Phenix Solutions Facility

Agile Manufacturing Phase 1 Completed

September 19, 2022

McMinnville, OR | September 19, 2022 Our team at Phenix Solutions has completed Phase 1 of an Agile Manufacturing contract from the Air Force Agility Prime Program! Phase I contract goals were to explore, develop, and demonstrate innovative Manufacturing & Sustainment

technologies and process strategies to significantly reduce manufacturing time and overall cost while ensuring manufacturing repeatability and system safety. The assessment encompasses evaluation of all life-cycle costs associated with delivering advanced Manufacturing & Sustainment system-ready technologies that emphasize process, quality, and agility. The remaining challenges will be identified, e.g., unmet requirements, existing restrictive regulations, etc.

To meet these contractual requirements, Director of Airworthiness & Certification Daniel Wright took the lead and enlisted assistants from Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP). OMEP’s mission is to collaborate with Oregon manufacturers to help build successful long-term businesses. OMEP specifically contributed to our production facility’s floorplan; this includes our receiving, quality control, manufacturing floor, inventory, and shipping layout. Dan and OMEP also finalized a mass production method allowing Phenix to ramp up production of the Ultra 2XL to meet future demand.

Brian Riese, our CEO, highlights a mantra of best-of-breed COTS parts with minimizing life limits in our engineering design of the Ultra 2XL. This approach has allowed us to have increased availability and an overall lower cost for aircraft and support parts. Our best-of-breed technique will also ensure our end-users ease of operations, limiting AOGs, and lower costs in contrast with a traditional-sized aircraft. Per the Phase I Air Force contract, our approach was folded into these requirements efficiently. The results will set up Phenix Solutions to effectively meet the needs of customers.

Phenix completed the Phase I contract and has submitted for the Phase II Agile Manufacturing program with the USAF. The Phase II effort will build on the work and results completed in Phase I and continue constructing processes, procedures, and a manufacturing facility to validate and implement the company’s manufacturing strategies to ensure our performance matches design targets.

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