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CP Technologies Partnering With Phenix to Provide Ground Control Stations for  Heavy Lift Rotary Unmanned Aircraft Systems

PRESCOTT, Ariz. - March 8 2022

Mobile Military-Grade Workstations and Unmanned Aerial Systems on Display at the HAI Heli  Expo March 8-10 in Dallas, Texas, Phenix Booth #6019

CP Technologies (CPT), a business unit of CP North America, today  announced it has partnered with Phenix Solutions, an employee-owned non-traditional defense contractor,  to supply rugged expeditionary workstations for use with its heavy lift rotary unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The Phenix and CPT solutions will be on display at the HAI Heli Expo, Phenix booth #6019, March  8-10 in Dallas, Texas.

“The partnership with Phenix is a natural fit since given our alignment on using commercial off-the-shelf  technologies to build systems that will operate in a variety of harsh conditions ,” said Mike McCormack, president and CEO, CP North America. “Expeditionary workstations with high-speed processing capabilities are an indispensable part of the operation of UAS solutions used in a diverse spectrum of military and  commercial applications. The lower costs and improved efficiencies CPT can provide are ideal for multi year programs that require revision control and hardware consistency.”

CPT is supplying Phenix with Tactical Portable Computing Systems for the Phenix Visual Line of Sight  Operations line of helicopters that provide versatile vertical take-off and landing capability at its quietest.  These UAS solutions significantly lower flyaway and total cost of ownership to both defense and civil  operators by using certified and proven Commercial Off -the-Shelf technologies (COTS). 

“Our advanced ‘modular off-the-shelf’ coaxial design of UAS solutions deliver enhanced performance,  reliability, and sustainability in an efficient and affordable multi-mission package,” said Brian Riese,  president, Phenix Solutions. “Our partnership with CPT goes hand-in-hand with our strategy to use certified  and proven best-of-breed technologies for any operator wanting to increase earning potential, lower costs,  and keep their pilots safe.” 

About CP North America 

CP North America is an independently operated U.S.-based company, encompassing a family of brands  including CP Technologies, CP Systems and CP Aeronautics. CP Technologies designs, fabricates and  integrates standard and customized high-performance computing platforms and LCD monitors for military,  industry, and commercial applications. CP Systems is a U.S. designer and vertically integrated  manufacturer of custom and rugged, high-performance computing solutions serving the industrial,  commercial and agriculture markets. Focused on cost-effective unmanned combat-proven ISR  (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) solutions, CP Aeronautics provides integrated turnkey  systems and subsystems based on platforms, payloads, communications and ground control stations for defense and civil applications. For more information, please visit: 

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