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On Track - FAA Items Completed
Phenix Team continues work on Part 27 Certification

October 4, 2022

McMinnville, OR The Phenix Solutions team is continuing to move forward with Type Certification (TC) under FAA Part 27. We announced on May 18th the completion and acceptance of the Project Specific Certification Plan (PSCP), resulting in a project number issuance of TC 17844LA-R. We have also registered the “N” number of N102XL for the first flight aircraft.


The certification efforts are led by Daniel Wright, Director of Airworthiness and Certification, who has been conducting monthly meetings with the FAA to maintain a forward push for the project. Daniel stated, “These meetings are vital to continue building our relationship with the FAA team and ensuring our development of the Ultra 2XL keeps its momentum. We are striving to work together in integrating this new technology into well-established airspace. This process requires long-term foresight, and we are happy to help the FAA in any way to manage these hurdles.”


Brian Riese, Phenix Solutions President and CEO elaborated, “We have been very deliberate in selecting our team members and their certification experience, which collectively stretches over a century. When the FAA had a recent adjustment in the certification plan for other VTOLs, Dan and the Phenix team reviewed the information, talked with our FAA contacts about our path, and concluded that we can stay on course because we are effectively working within the part 27 rules.”


Mr. Wright brings over 35 years of aviation experience to this working group. He started his career with the US Air Force and has since lead programs in all aspects of the aviation field, including R&D, experimental, certified design, development, and flight testing, and has worked with several space companies to design, manufacture, approve, and launched multiple components. Dan mentioned, "I am excited about this opportunity to continue to work closely with the G-35 Committee including the industry, the FAA and other regulators to help develop standards to support new rules and regulations that support Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) as a compliance method for certification. There is a need for these types of groups to acknowledge, advance, and integrate technologies such as MBSE into the certification process to allow efficient, cost-effective, and safe compliance. I am delighted at this privilege to continue my work with like-minded aviation professionals."

About Phenix Solutions, Inc.
Headquartered in McMinnville, Oregon - Phenix Solutions is a veteran-owned small business and non-traditional Defense Contractor building a reputation as a design, manufacturing, and certification leader for Heavy-Lift Unmanned Aerial Systems and equipment. Phenix Solutions targets certified products to meet both military and civil needs in the UAS industry. Worldwide. Phenix has a focus on adaptive technology and a COTS use strategy. Phenix Solutions is producing true multi-mission aerial systems that will significantly increase safety and efficiency in the aviation sector, helping to save lives and property worldwide. For more information, please visit our website:

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