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Phenix Solutions Celebrates Successful HAI Heli Expo 2023 with Pivotal Deals and Collaborations

April 2, 2023

McMinnville, OR - Phenix Solutions, an emerging company in the UAS industry, recently attended the HAI Heli Expo 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was a resounding success for Phenix Solutions as they inked a game-changing deal with Rolls-Royce and announced strategic partnerships with SEI Industries and Onboard Systems. These collaborations will enable Phenix Solutions to strengthen its position in the market and offer even more innovative and efficient solutions to meet their customer's needs.

Rolls-Royce Partnership:

 One of the highlights of the HAI Heli Expo for Phenix Solutions was signing a groundbreaking deal with Rolls-Royce. As per the agreement, Rolls-Royce will supply their RR300 turbine engines for Phenix Solutions unmanned aerial systems (UAS). This partnership will enhance the performance and efficiency of Phenix Solutions' UASs and fortify their reputation for delivering cutting-edge technology in the UAS market. More details on this partnership can be found here.


SEI Industries Collaboration:

 In addition to the Rolls-Royce deal, Phenix Solutions also announced a strategic partnership with SEI Industries. This collaboration will see the integration of SEI Industries' world-renowned Bambi Bucket® and Sling-Dragon technology into Phenix Solutions' UASs, transforming aerial firefighting and forest protection, further establishing Phenix Solutions as a frontrunner in the industry. Learn more about this collaboration here.


Onboard Systems Partnership:

 Phenix Solutions also revealed a partnership with Onboard Systems during the HAI Heli Expo. This collaboration will integrate Onboard Systems' advanced cargo hook technology into Phenix Solutions' UASs, significantly improving their capabilities in aerial logistics and utility operations. For more information on this partnership, visit here.


The HAI Heli Expo 2023 proved to be a milestone event for Phenix Solutions. With three major partnerships announced and large increase in domestic and international aviation interest, the company is poised for significant growth and innovation in the coming year. These collaborations will undoubtedly enhance the capabilities of Phenix Solutions' UASs and solidify their position as a leading player in the UAS market. Stay tuned for more exciting news and developments from Phenix Solutions as they continue to break new ground in the industry


About Phenix Solutions, Inc:

Headquartered in McMinnville, OR, Phenix Solutions is a veteran owned small business and nontraditional Defense Contractor building a reputation as a design, manufacturing, and certification leader for Heavy-Lift Unmanned Aerial Systems and equipment. Phenix Solutions targets certified products to meet both military and civilian means all over the world in the UAS industry. Phenix has a focus on adaptive technology and a COTS-use strategy. Phenix Solutions is producing true multi-mission aerial systems that will significantly increase safety and efficiency in the aviation sector, helping to save lives and property worldwide.

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