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Phenix Solutions selected Eagle Technologies as Strategic Innovation Partner for the Ultra 2XL Heavy-Lift Aircraft

McMinnville, Oregon - March 10, 2022

Phenix Solutions, Inc. has chosen Eagle Technologies as a development partner in producing Phenix's Ultra 2XL Heavy-Lift(c) UAS. Eagle Technologies has previous experience in designing and developing coaxial rotor systems. The unique Eagle design for the Phenix UAS will begin flight test in the summer of 2022.

Phenix Solutions chose the new coaxial rotor system after flight testing a prototype conventional single and quadrotor UAS. President and CEO Brian Riese provided the following statement:

"We believe that the Ultra 2XL is a great multi-mission UAS that meets our customer needs. We have developed a reliable and efficient coaxial rotor system for our new UAS. We chose Eagle Technologies because they have successfully developed coaxial systems on time and within budget. The Ultra 2XL(c) will meet our government and civilian operators' needs in the field. Phenix and Eagle believe in a philosophy of Safety, Science, and Savings as a foundation for our new UAS. The 'sky is the limit' with a great partner like Eagle Technologies!"

Eagle Technologies is looking forward to growing this new partnership. Bruce Bailey, Eagle’s President & CEO had the following comment:   “The Eagle Team is very proud to have been selected as a development partner on this exciting UAS program.  We have been working with coaxial rotor systems since our company’s inception, to include Sikorsky’s X2 development effort from 2005 and onward.  There are many good reasons to choose a co-ax for any VTOL application.  It remains one of the most fundamentally efficient vertical lift systems and has the coupled benefit of alleviating the burden of offsetting full rotor torque.  Eagle has worked very hard to become one of the world’s experts in coaxial rotor development and we welcome the opportunity to put this knowledge to work for the Phenix UAS Team. 

Both companies will present detailed displays at HAI's Heli-Expo on March 8th-10th, 2022, in Dallas, Texas. Phenix Solutions' team will be at Booth 6019, and Eagle Technologies representatives will be available at Booth 9240.

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