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Phenix Solutions delivers game changing aircraft worldwide in order to save lives and maximize demand on command.

Phenix Solutions, Inc (PSI) was formed by a group of aviation professionals who have successfully collaborated over the past 20 years developing, certifying, and manufacturing aerial mission equipment, avionics, and advanced composite structures for civil and military aircraft operators worldwide serving aerial cargo/logistics, agricultural application, firefighting, utility constructions & maintenance, search & rescue, and other specialized aerial missions.  Phenix’s founders have each brought their diverse and complimentary skills and experiences together to develop, certify, and manufacture truly heavy lift (above 3,000 lbs MTOW) Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) and specialized mission equipment for military and civil aircraft operators improving the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of their next generation aerial operations.

Brian Riese

Brian Riese

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Riese is a Combat Veteran and brings over 30 years of U.S Army experience to Phenix Solutions.  Mr. Riese held many leadership and policy development positions during his years of Military service, including several military procurement and contract management positions.  During his tenure in the US Army, he held an Unlimited Federal Contracting Officers Warrant as he served as the Source Selection Authority for all multi-million dollar procurement actions for his agency.  He is a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College and maintains a top-secret security clearance.  Mr. Riese has diverse senior executive level experience in government affairs, as well as varied operational military assignments.

As President of Phenix Solutions, Mr. Riese brings years of senior level management experience from within the US government and has real-word hands-on experience in transitioning emerging technology to solve real world needs within the aerospace industry, today.  Mr. Riese originally founded Phenix Solutions in 2011 as a veteran owned services company and transformed the company in 2019 with new investment and shareholders from former Simplex Aerospace.  Mr. Riese continues to guide Phenix in our journey to be a successful non-traditional defense contractor by leveraging ongoing support under USAF Agility Prime and AFWERX programs.  This effort led to the delivery of two initial prototype aircraft, and the development of the first civil certified Heavy Lift Remote Piloted Aircraft, the Phenix Ultra 2XL aircraft.   The Ultra 2XL represents the culmination of Phenix’s dedication to our mission to develop and deliver a certified true heavy lift Remote Piloted Aircraft of significant consequence for the Defense and Civil Aviation Markets.  

Mark Zimmerman

Mark Zimmerman

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Mark Zimmerman is an entrepreneur and business executive with over 30 years international business focused on the development and integration of emerging technologies into certified multi-mission aircraft and application equipment.  Mr. Zimmerman served as President & CEO of Simplex Aerospace between 2001-2020.  Simplex Aerospace is the world’s leading provider of certified rotorcraft aerial application equipment serving aerial wildland firefighting, high-rise building firefighting, agricultural application, electrical power and windmill cleaning and deicing, oil spill response, helitorch burning, mosquito control, aerial seeding and other aerial missions.  

Simplex’s systems are in operation in over 100 countries for 75 years and are known for their quality, durability, and longevity.   Over his career, Mr. Zimmerman has served as a speaker, expert witness and as an advisor for the United States Government’s Industry Technical Advisory Committee – Aviation (ITAC1) with the Department of Commerce.

Daniel Wright

Daniel Wright

Airworthiness & Certification

Mr. Wright brings over 35 years of aviation experience to the PSI team. Mr. Wright began his career in the US Air Force and has since lead programs in all aspects of the aviation field to include R&D, experimental and certified design, development and flight testing, and has worked with several space companies to design, manufacture, approve and launched multiple components. For the past 10 years Mr. Wright lead the FAA Certification efforts for Simplex Aerospace certifying Fire Attack, Agricultural Spray and Highrise Firefighting system installed on Part 27 and 29 rotorcraft.  

Mr. Wright has a background in the high-tech composite industry as well as traditional metal design and fabrication and is a FAA licensed Airframe & Power Plant technician. Mr. Wright holds a BS in business management and has sat on several collage steering committees to help develop curriculum for advanced composite processing.


The Phenix UAS team pursues new challenges everyday, thinking big in the pursuit of innovation. If you're experienced, talented and want to work with us, apply now!




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